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At Velouria Cycles, we think long-term. In a mountain bike market where most brands aim for instant profits through planned obsolescence, we think of perfect machines. A bike made by riders, for riders. 

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No matter how many years go by …

At Velouria Cycles, we want our bike owners to enjoy their bikes for years to come. We are committed to keeping our models aesthetically streamlined. So, there will ALWAYS be an “Even Flow” model in the Velouria catalogue and ALWAYS be spare parts to keep any Velouria bicycle perfectly maintained. No matter how many years go by, we are committed to spending them with you.

Titanium. For all the right reasons.

Why use titanium to build a bike? When we decided to manufacture in titanium, we knew it would be difficult. Making a longtravel dualsuspension frame is an engineering and design challenge not within everyone’s reach. The high cost of manufacturing in titanium instead of aluminium, steel or carbon fibre complicates this challenge.


tough choice

Learn why we at Velouria Cycles have decided to take the hard route, and use titanium to make a bike by riders for riders.


Our most popular frames are built to last. At Velouria we do not think like the rest. We actually think.

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Tengo claro que no es una bicicleta para todo el mundo, pero si que lo es para aquellos que saben de que va este rollo del mountainbike.
David Cachón - Double bike trial World Champion.

This is what happens when riders build a bike for riders.

- The Velouria Team -


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