We think. Long term.

At Velouria Cycles, we think long-term. In a mountain bike market where most brands aim for instant profits through planned obsolescence, we think of perfect machines.

Today, models change colour every year and are totally reworked every two or three years, meaning users must buy over and over again. This generates compulsive consumption with repurchase after repurchase to always have the latest model. At Velouria, we do things differently.

At Velouria Cycles, we want our bike owers to enjoy their bikes for years to come. We are committed to keeping our models aesthetically streamlined. So, there will ALWAYS be an “Even Flow” model in the Velouria catalogue and ALWAYS be spare parts to keep any Velouria bicycle perfectly maintained. No matter how many years go by, our commitment is to spend them with you.

We want every Velouria to be unique. Each frame is numbered on both the headbadge and the bottom bracket area. We offer full logo customization and the option of adding any design that the future owner wants with laser engraving. Choose your seat tube length for any of three available seat sizes.

Our Story

Where European craftsmanship meets technology.

A machine built by riders, for riders. A bicycle for enthusiasts that yearned for how things used to be made3, without sacrificing the latest in technology and research. For riders, by riders.

Made in a city with a deep industrial heritage, we apply time-tested principles of European craftsmanship to everything we do, from design to quality control.

This is what happens when riders build a bike for riders.

- The Velouria Team -


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