Even Flow

Stable and reliable.

With a long, low geometry and a generous head angle, our “Even Flow” design is stable and reliable on downhill runs. Thanks to the highly progressive “4bar link” suspension system, you get great sensitivity support for small jolts and avoid suspension bottom-outs on rough terrain.

An efficient climber.

With the highly vertical seat tube angle and excellent antisquad values, you gain top pedalling efficiency and high climbing capacity.

It adapts to you.

Available in 150 mm travel with a 230×65 shock or a140 mm one with a 230×60 shock, this gives the bike extra adaptability to the rider and/or area of use.


User friendly.

We want our bikes to be “user friendly”. Easy to maintain. The bottom bracket is threaded, with ZS44-ES44 steering, available in any shop. The bearings feature standard measurements. External hose routing is available, so you don’t have to cut the rear brake hose …

Flexible choices.

At Velouria Cycles, we believe that there is no need to limit your fork length. Our “Even Flow” model can be fitted with 150-160-170 forks. You can choose the length according to your demands and use. Fit up to a diameter of 2.5 tires, if needed.

Your wheels.

Velouria offers our “Even Flow” model with 29 or 27.5 inch wheels or with a combination of 29 and 27.5 inch wheels (option upon request), without altering the price of any particular frame. Any of these wheel size combinations are available through our rider support channels.


happy when you are

We are more than happy to put in the extra effortt to make sure each bicycle is made just for you.


Tell us about your dream bike. We are standing by.